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Lenten Baroque: music by Vivaldi, Stradella and Caldara

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Producer:Teatru Manoel and Festivals Malta
Admission Age:6+
Venue:Sala Isouard at Teatru Manoel, Valletta
Price: €20
(discounts: €15 for students and senior citizens)


Performed by the Valletta Baroque Ensemble (ViBE)

“Lenten Baroque,” invites the audience to embark on a transcendent journey guided by the evocative language of Baroque instrumental music. The Lenten season, a period of solemn introspection and spiritual preparation, finds expression through a carefully curated collection of timeless compositions. Each piece is chosen to resonate with the essence of reflection, and contemplation, creating an immersive experience that goes beyond mere auditory enjoyment.

The Baroque masters demonstrated a remarkable ability to utilize instrumental music as a medium for Lenten reflection. Through intricate compositions and expressive harmonies, these maestros crafted musical landscapes that resonated with the spiritual depth and contemplative atmosphere of the Lenten season. The delicate interplay of melodies, harmonies, and dynamic shifts became a vehicle for listeners to engage in moments of self-reflection, penitence, and inner contemplation. Instrumental works during this period were characterized by their ability to evoke a range of emotions, creating a sonic journey that mirrored the spiritual introspection associated with Lent. Whether through soulful adagios, introspective sarabandes, or uplifting overtures, the Baroque masters employed instrumental music as a profound means to invite audiences into a reflective space, fostering a connection with the themes of repentance and renewal.

The chosen repertoire represents a timeless tapestry of Baroque masterpieces, transcending the boundaries of eras and cultures. These compositions, though centuries old, retain their ability to communicate the universal themes of humanity’s spiritual journey. Through “Lenten Reflections,” we aim to bridge the temporal gap, offering an opportunity for modern audiences to connect with the enduring beauty and relevance of Baroque instrumental music.



Antonio Vivaldi
Sinfonia Al Sancto Sepulcro in B minor RV 169
Adagio – Allegro ma poco

Alessandro Stradella
Sinfonia a tre in D major
Grave – Allegretto – Grave – Allegro

Antonio Caldara
Sinfonia a quattro No 4
Morte e sepoltura di Cristo
Grave – Andante

Alessandro Stradella
Sonata a violin solo e basso
Andante liberamente – Allegro – Adagio – Vivo – Adagio – Allegro

Antonio Caldara
Sinfonia a quattro No. 6 in G minor
San Elena al Calvario
Adagio – Allegretto – Adagio – Allegro e spiritoso

Heinrich Biber
Sonata No 10 The Crucifixion
Praeludium – Aria – Variation – Adagio

Antonio Vivaldi
Sinfonia a 4 in Eb major RV 130
Largo molto – Allegro ma poco

    Artistic Team

    Musicians:Valletta Baroque Ensemble
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