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Malta Spring Festival – Live Music & Contemporary Dance

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Producer:Malta Spring Festival
Venue:Casino Maltese
Price: €10
(discounts: €5 for students and senior citizens)

Free for Children 15 years and younger


Eclectic performer Alba Dal Collo and cellist Giovanni Inglese have created a performance through a contemporary piece inspired by the ideas and unwavering spirit of Petra Kelly based on her book Fighting for Hope. The performance evokes the essence of Kelly’s transformative book, delving into her world where masses remain oblivious, while a few awaken. The narrative is expressed through melodic fragments of cello, piano and voice, intertwining and harmonising with movement. The performance underlines ominously that although we might awake to the urgent reality, it could already be too late… yet a seed of hope remains! A piece by Alba Dal Collo.


Ryuichi Sakamoto | Oppenheimer’s Aria – Rain – Forbidden Colours
Max Richter | On the Nature of Daylight
Kate Bush | Breathing
Pete Seeger | Where have all the flowers gone

    Artistic Team

    Piano, Voice & Dance :Alba dal Collo
    Cello :Giovanni Inglese
    Light designer:Sarah Ng Xi Yan
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