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Producer:Fondazzjoni Kreattivita
Admission Age:8+
Venue:Studio A, Spazju Kreattiv
Price:Adult €8 | Child €5


OKTOMARA (Octopus language) is a word that conjures up fears from our past. To be repeated as long as the need is felt. On the lost island, lives a little girl, alone, haunted by her past in which happy memories, magical fish swimming in the sky, and disturbing black silhouettes are interlaced. The little girl seeks her fragile and shifting balance. Her inner fear invades her and literally becomes monstrous, transforming her into a weird creature – an octopus. Is this transformation an attempt to cope with the violence we have experienced, or… death? What remains in us and what dies to be reborn and survive? Little by little she learns to master her eight tentacles, learns the language of the octopods, and starts to trust the seagull – all this is necessary to regain her shape.
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