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Possible Worlds: Evolving Visions with Ġulja Holland

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Producer:Fondazzjoni Kreattivita
Admission Age:8+
Venue:Space A, Spazju Kreattiv
Price:Adult €8 | Child €5


Step into the enchanting world of art with the local artist Ġulja Holland. In this immersive workshop, we will embark on an imaginative journey. Inspired by Holland’s work and artistic process, together, we will envisage a world where humans and animals share our planet more equitably. First with brainstorming and sketching, then with charcoal and acrylic inks, we will bring our unique visions to life on a large canvas.


The final result of this workshop is an integral part of a larger artistic triptych. The collaborative painting made in this workshop will join Ġulja’s works in the Possible Worlds exhibition. All three pieces share a common theme of reimagining a world that addresses pressing climate change issues, inspiring hope and transformation.


Arts focus: Painting

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