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The Dreamcatchers

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Producer:Fondazzjoni Kreattivita
Admission Age:8+
Venue:Theatre, Spazju Kreattiv
Price:Adult €8 | Child €5


THE DREAMCATCHERS. Have you ever been fast asleep, completely lost in an amazing dream? And then, out of nowhere, you wake up and
can’t remember a single thing about that incredible dream? Well, let us introduce you to Alex, a lively teenager who happens to be visually
impaired. In his dreams, he discovers a group of extraordinary dream catchers. Can you imagine how thrilling it must be for Alex to finally see vibrant colours and have the freedom to do anything in his dreams? But hold on, because things take a dark turn when a spooky creature
starts haunting his dream world. Suddenly, Alex’s excitement turns into a bone-chilling nightmare!
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