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Trouser Girl: An Opera for Young Audiences

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Producer:Fondazzjoni Kreattivita
Admission Age:8+
Venue:Studio Theatre - 81 Old Mint Streat
Price:Adult €8 | Child €5


TROUSER GIRL is an opera designed for children. Lukey’s girlfriend, Chris, happens to be the superhero Raybeam, possessing the unique ability to blow things up with her eyes. Initially, Lukey finds this cool, but he becomes increasingly frustrated as Chris is frequently away, saving the world from destruction, leaving him with minimal time together. To make things worse, Chris’s best friend Danny, also known as the super-awesome Transformo, is constantly at her side. Lukey, an ordinary guy without superpowers, can’t help but feel jealous. When Chris unexpectedly cancels their six-month anniversary dinner, Lukey devises a daring plan. After quickly rummaging through his mother’s laundry basket, he transforms into the superhero Trouser Girl. Under this disguise, he joins Raybeam and Transformo on their latest adventure, determined to discover what they do during their heroic escapades.
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