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Żeża tal-Flagship

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Producer:Hermann Bonaci
Admission Age:12+
Venue:Teatru Manoel
Price: €35 | €40


This local classic comedy, written by Mikielang Borg early in the last century, is based in Balzunetta where the famous Żeża used to work as a barmaid. Outgoing, lively and cheeky Żeża was not only the British sailors’ favourite entertainer, but also amongst the Maltese of all social classes. Trouble looms when aristocrats are caught in saucy adventures. What happens when Zeza pretends to be the wife of the aristocrat Dr Anakleto? To top it all Anakleto’s uncle arrives from Tunis and is mesmerized by the beauty and liveliness of Żeża.

Borg’s original script has been adapted into this new version by Joe Gatt with also a list of new songs which will be played live by the orchestra and sung by the actors. A show not to be missed!


    Żeża - Laura BrunoAnakleto - Hermann BonaciPaċifiku - Simon CurmiPawlu - Christian ArdingFransina - Michela GaleaEnrico - Dario BezzinaKunċett - Ina RobinichBobby/Dolly - Justin Sean GrechGregorju - Tonio VellaĠammari - Matthew Sant SultanaMananni - Maria SpiteriBaruni Casha - Ronnie GaleaSperanza Casa - Antoinette BonaciNoble Lady - Christine BonaciOlder Żeża - Frida Cauchi

    Artistic Team

    Direction:Hermann Bonaci
    Musical Direction:Mro Dominic Darmanin
    Choreography:Eldridge Saliba Curmi & Sarah Kurvinen

    Production Team

    Producers:Hermann Bonaci Productions
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