29 April 2024

Macbeth – Auditions

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Producers: TOITOI

Director: Philip Leone Ganado

Date: Sunday 9th June



Macbeth (M, 25-40)
Lady Macbeth (F 25-40)
Duncan/Macduff/Witch (M 35-50)
Banquo (M/F 25-40)
Malcolm/Witch (M/F 18-25)
Ross/Lady Macduff/Witch (F 18-25)

For all characters:

1. Prepare a dramatic monologue (in verse) from any of
Shakespeare’s plays.
2. Familiarise yourself with the attached scene. Select the role
(Macbeth or Lady Macbeth) that most closely aligns with the
gender of the character/s you are auditioning for.

1. Age ranges refer to playing ages and are indicative only
2. Character combinations may be altered or added to. All
actors will take on other, smaller roles as required.
3. Singing ability and/or knowledge of a musical instrument will
be considered an asset but is not required.

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